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Christmas Lilart 2015-16

Green , red , brown, beige , white , purple , gold : these are , above all, the colors of Christmas Lilart this year.
Our floral proposals use natural elements such as pine , Thuya , moss , flowers as hydrangea , malus, hips , eucalyptus , nuts such as hazelnuts and walnuts . And candles , many candles.
We suggest advent wreath , buddhanuts Christmas wreaths to hang on the door, Christmas bouquets and centerpieces to decorate your home, office , shop, ...
And if you can not find what suits you , Call us (618777870) or send us an email ( lilartflors@gmail.com ) and talk !
You can make your orders by filling out the form under " Contact " or send us an email to lilartflors@gmail.com
  • Detall. Detalle.Detail

  • Corona d'advent daurats. Corona de adviento dorados. Golds wreath 40 €

  • Detall. Detalle. Detail

  • Centre de taula allargat. Centro de mesa alargado. Long centerpiece. 40 €

  • Canyella, pi i malus. Canela, malus, pino. Cinnamon, malus, pine.

  • Vermell sobre blanc. Rojo sobre blanco. Red on White.

  • Centre de taula gran. Centro de mesa grande. Big centerpiece. 45 €

  • Thuya, hortènsia, molsa i fruits de roser. Thuya, hortensia, musgo y escaramujo. Thuya, hydrangea, moss and hip.

  • Espelma masisa. Vela maciza. Solid candle.

  • Centre de taula standard. Centro de mesa standard. Standard Centerpiece. 35 €

  • BDNTS disponibles en color marró, blanc, platejat i daurat. BDNTS disponibles en color marrón, blanco, plata i dorado BDNTS available in Brown, White, Silver and gold

  • Decoració i combinació a triar Decoración y combinación a escoger. Decoration and combination to choose

  • Millor tres buddhanuts. Mejor tres buddhanuts. Better three buddhanuts.

  • 15€/ud. Pack 3 bdnts 40€

  • Peperette

  • Llí blanc. Lino blanco. White linen

  • Pole moss

  • Finland moss.

  • Brunia verda. Brunia verde. Green brunia

  • Brunia vermella. Brunia roja. Red brunia

  • Canyella vermella. Canela roja. Red cinnamon

  • Hortènsia negra. Hortensia negra. Black hydrangea.

  • Pole moss

  • Empaquetat. Empaquetado. Packaging.

  • Corona penjar clàssica. Corona colgar clásica Hanging wreath classic. 25 €

  • Corona penjar rústica. Corona colgar rustica Rustic hanging wreath 20€

  • Buddhanuts per penjar de l'arbre, del sostre, etc.. Buddhanuts para colgar del árbol, techo,.. Hanging Buddhanuts.

  • Possibles combinacions. Posibles combinaciones. Different combinations. 5€/ud. Pack 5 ud: 20€

  • Pinya platejada. Piña plateada. silver pine cone.

  • Nou vermella. Nuez roja. Red nut.

  • Molsa. Musgo. Moss

  • Pinya platejada. Piña plateada. Silver pine cone.

  • Christmas kraft.

  • Dos tamanys: gran i petit Dos tamaños: grande y pequeño. Two sizes: big and small.

  • Gran/grande/big: 25€ Petit/pequeño/small: 20€

  • Eucaliptus, grevillea,pine, ...

Buddha nut series. Small details to decorate

Designed for home but also for an office, a hotel reception, a restaurant table or a wedding. This is just a small sample of what we can do with budha nuts, but we can do it with the flowers and colors that you prefer.

Nat Pots

Organic pots made with natural fibers (paper, recycled cotton) and preserved flowers. Centers for decorating small spaces. As they are preserved flowers, they have longer life. These are some samples.