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Fresh Flower

  • img-3_lilart
    Bouquet made with chrysanthemums, scabious, eucalyptus, viburnum, triteleia. Surrounded by vine wreath.
  • img-4_lilart
    Little floral center made with chrysanthemums, eucalyptus, viburnum astrantatia and seneci.
  • florfresca6
    Yellow bouquet: craspedia, hypericum, achillea, eucalyptus and viburnum.
  • florfresca8
    Spring bouquets: tulips, jacints, broom.
  • florfresca1
    Wood flowerpot with hyacinths, tulips and roses.
  • florfresca2
    Blue and yellow symphony: veroniques, tulips, hyacinths and craspedia.
  • florfresca5
    Floral basket made with veroniques, chrysanthemums, ranunculus, roses, treefern.
  • florfresca7
    Wood recipient with ranunculus, jacints, tulips and roses.